Well, these aren't Gen 1 Transformers, but as close as you will get 25+ years later.  I love the detail of these guys, though I admit I hate the complications of transforming them.

First up are the Masterpiece Transformers, that as of this writing (Summer 2015) are still an ongoing production with Takara and Hasbro. I have really been focusing my Transformers collecting on this series the most the last couple of years. They come out several times a year, and are not really what you would classify as inexpensive.  I initially tried to stay true to my American roots and get the Hasbro ones.  That changed at about MP10 when I really felt Hasbro did a poor job of turning them around and getting them out to American consumers, both in speed and availability.  My stance has turned since then and now I get the Takara ones when they are released, and only hunt down the Hasbro ones if it is either ones I have missed, or Takara didn't release such as Acid Storm.

Alternators! I completed my collection and have all 27 Alternators released (have sealed ones of everyone, as well as many opened copies to go with them). Also representing these guys are an artist rendition (not box art) of each character. I am not sure of the artist though some seem to be signed. I forget now what website I found them on, but they are great. If someone want to write to take/give credit, let me know.

Finally, below the Alternators I listed Takaras Japanese Binaltech and Kiss Asterick that aren't represented in the Alternators line, as well as some good Chinese knock-offs/recreations.


Masterpiece / 20th Anniversary:

My Collection (with a few other things thrown in on the display) September 18, 2014 (Haven't got room for Soundblaster, Shockwave and Shackwave, so attached separate photo of them as I work to figure out how to gain more space for them all.).  As you can see in the images below, I started unboxing them in October 2014 after I got more Detolf cases to put them in.


= Got it = Do not have it...

01. 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime (Hasbro)
02. 20th Anniversary DVD Edition Optimus Prime
03. Starscream (Walmart Exclusive) (mine)
04. Skywarp (Walmart Exclusive) (mine)
05. Grimlock (Toys R Us Exclusive) (mine)
06. Rodimus Prime (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro)
07. Optimus Prime w/trailer (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro) (Hasbro2) (Hasbro3) (Hasbro4) (Hasbro5) (Hasbro6)
08. Thundercracker (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro) (Hasbro2) (Hasbro3)
09. (MP-01) Acid Storm (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro) (Hasbro2) (Hasbro3) (Hasbro4) (Hasbro5)
10. (MP-02) Soundwave (Toys R Us Exclusive)
11. Year of the Horse Optimus Prime (Toys R Us Exclusive)
12. (MP-03) Grimlock (Toys R Us Exclusive)
13. (MP-04) Prowl (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro) (Hasbro2) (Hasbro3) (Hasbro4)
14. (MP-05) Sunstorm (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Hasbro) (Hasbro2) (Hasbro3)
15. Bluestreak (Toys R Us Exclusive) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
16. Starscream (Toys R Us Exclusive)

MP-01. Convoy (Optimus Prime)
MP-02. Ultra Magnus (no US release thus far.)
MP-03. Starscream
MP-04. Convoy (Optimus Prime) Perfect Edition (came with trailer)
MP-05. Megatron (Japan Exclusive) (Will likely not see US release due to resemblance to actual gun) (mine)
MP-06. Skywarp
MP-07. Thundercracker
MP-08. Grimlock (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
MP-09. Rodimus Prime w/trailer w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.)
MP-10. Masterpiece Convoy / Optimus Prime with Trailer(Takara) w/Collector Coin
MP-10?. Masterpiece Convoy / Optimus Prime with Trailer - Evangelion (no US release thus far.)(Takara) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-10SG. Masterpiece Shattered Glass Convoy / Optimus Prime with Trailer(Takara)
MP-11. Starscream
MP-11NR. Ramjet (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-11NT. Thrust (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
MP-11ND. Dirge (Estimated release: May 2017)
MP-11S. Sunstorm (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-11SW. Skywarp
MP-11T. Thundercracker
MP-12. Sideswipe w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
MP-12T. Masterpiece Tigertrack (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2)
-------. Sideswipe Pile drivers (no US release thus far.) (Takara)
MP-13. Soundwave with Laserbeak w/Collector Coin (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
-------. Energon Cube Set For Masterpiece Soundwave (no US release thus far.) (Takara)
MP-13B. Soundblaster with Ratbat (March 2014) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-14. Red Alert w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
MP-14C. Clampdown (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7)
MP-15. Rumble and Ravage w/Collector Coin (March 2013) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-16. Frenzy and Buzzsaw w/Collector Coin (March 2013) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-17. Prowl w/Collector Coin (October 2013) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3)
MP-18. Bluestreak w/Collector Coin (October 2013) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-18B. Bluestreak (Blue Bluestreak) (August 2015) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-18S. Bluestreak (Silverstreak) w/Collector Coin (June 2014) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-19. Smokescreen w/Collector Coin (December 2013) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-20. Wheeljack w/Collector Coin (September2014) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-21. Bumblebee w/Collector Coin (November 2014) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7) (Takara8) (Takara9)
MP-21R. Red Bumblebee w/Collector Coin (December 2015) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-22. Ultra Magnus With Trailer "Perfect Edition" w/Collector Coin (December 2014) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7) (Takara8) (Takara9) (Takara10) (Takara11) (Takara12) (Takara13) (Takara14)
MP-23. Exhaust (March 2015) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6)
MP-24. Star Saber (April 2015) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-25. Tracks (November 2015) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-25L. LoudPedal (June 2016) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-26. Road Rage (December 2015) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-27. Ironhide (January 2016) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-28. Masterpiece Hot Rod 2.0 (February 2016) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-29. Shockwave (1st Quarter 2016) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-30. Ratchet (March 2016) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7) (Takara8) (Takara9) (Takara10) (Takara11) (Takara12)
MP-31 Masterpiece Delta Magnus (Diaclone) w/Collector Coin (Estimated release: August 2016) (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4)
MP-33 Masterpiece Inferno w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7) (Takara8)
MP-35 Masterpiece Grapple w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.) (Takara) (Takara2) (Takara3) (Takara4) (Takara5) (Takara6) (Takara7) (Takara8)
MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.)
MP-37 Masterpiece Artfire w/ Targetmaster Nightstick w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.)
MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker w/Collector Coin (no US release thus far.)
MP-40 Masterpiece Targetmaster Hot Rod (no US release thus far.)

MP-32 Optimus Primal / Beast Convoy - Beast Wars(Won't get/don't collect Beast Wars)
MP-34 Cheetor - Beast Wars(Won't get/don't collect Beast Wars)
MP-38 Masterpiece Optimus Primal Supreme Commander (Won't get/don't collect Beast Wars)

Third Party (This section I admit is an opinion section. Below is what I feel are the best third-party masterpiece figures that stay true to the Masterpiece G1 toy/cartoon series. Others might and likely do have a different list.)

Cubex Old Timer Series 01 - Huff (Huffer) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 02 - Brawny (Brawn) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4) (Vendor5) (Vendor6)
BadCube Old Timer Series 03 - Backland (Outback) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4) (Vendor5) (Vendor6) (Vendor7)
BadCube Old Timer Series Brawny and Backland bonus accessory kit (Vendor) (Vendor2)
BadCube Old Timer Series 04 - Wardog (Warpath) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 04V - Wardog (Warpath) LE 500 (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 05 - Claymore Collector's Edition (Shrapnel) (Vendor) (Vendor2)
BadCube Old Timer Series 06 - Hypno Collector's Edition (Bombshell) (Vendor) (Vendor2)
BadCube Old Timer Series 07 - Kickbutt Collector's Edition (Kickback) (Vendor) (Vendor2)
BadCube Old Timer Series 08 - Sunsurge (Sunstreaker) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 09 - Grump (Gears) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 10 - Slick (Swerve) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
BadCube Old Timer Series 11 - Speedbump (Trailbreaker)
BadCube Old Timer Series 12 - Lorry (Hoist)
BadCube Old Timer Series 13 - Piper (Pipes)
BadCube Old Timer Series OTS-Special 01 - Sentinel Blaze (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)

Fans Toys FT-03 Quake Wave (Shockwave) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-03a Quake Wave (Shackwave (Grey))(Toy Dojo Exclusive 350 limited) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria - Iron Dibots No.1 (Slag) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-05 - Soar - Iron Dibots No.2 (Swoop)(Cartoon Blue) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-05T - Soar - Iron Dibots No.2 (Swoop)(G1 Toy Red) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-06 - Sever - Iron Dibots No.3 (Snarl) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Fans Toys FT-07 - Stomp - Iron Dibots No.4 (Sludge)(Estimated release: January 2016)
Fans Toys FT-08 - Grinder - Iron Dibots No.5 (Grimlock)
Fans Toys FT-09 - Tesla - (Perceptor) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-10 - Phoenix - (Skyfire/Jetfire)
Fans Toys FT-11 - Spotter - (Reflector) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-12 - Grenadier - (Bombshell) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Fans Toys FT-13 - Mercenary - (Shrapnel) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Fans Toys FT-14 - Forager - (Kickback) (Vendor) (Vendor2)
Fans Toys FT-15 - Willis - (Hound)(Estimated release: June 2016) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Fans Toys FT-16 - Sovereign - (Galvatron)(Estimated release: 1st Quarter 2017)
Fans Toys FT-18 - Lupus - (Weirdwolf)
Fans Toys FT-19 - Apache - (Springer)(Estimated release: June 2017)
Fans Toys FT-20a - Aegis Sentinel A - (Omega Supreme Part 1)
Fans Toys FT-20b - Aegis Sentinel B - (Omega Supreme Part 2)(Estimated release: October 2017)
Fans Toys FT-21 - Berserk - (Astrotrain)(Estimated release: June 2017)
Fans Toys FT-22 - Koot - (Kup)(Estimated release: July 2017)
Fans Toys FT-25 - Outrider - (Trailbreaker)(Estimated release: May 2017)
Fans Toys FT-27 - Spindrift - (Seaspray)
Fans Toys FT-28 - Hydra - (Sixshot)(Estimated release: October 2017)

Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01A Scraper (Scrapper) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01B Mixer Truck (Mixmaster) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01C Navvy (Scavenger) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01D Bulldozer (Bonecrusher) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01E Dump Truck (Long Haul)(Estimated release: July 2016)
Generation Toy Gravity Builder: GT-01F Crane (Hook)(Estimated release: July 2016)
I admit that the ToyWorld ones are nice also, but too expensive to get both sets. I gambled and went with GT ones, which I am happy with

Ace Design Ace-01 Tumbler (Cliffjumper)
Ace Design Ace-02 Hiccups (Hubcap)
Daca Toys Kronos (Skyfire) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor) (Mine) (Mine)
DX9 D-11 RICHTHOFEN (Powerglide)
KFC E.A.V.I. Metal Phase Four: A Transistor w/ HiFi (Blaster) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
KFC CST-03 & CTS-04 Boxbomber Set of B-Box & BirdBomber (Squawktalk and Beastbox or Squawkbox) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Omnigonix OG-01 Spinout (Sunstreaker) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
X-Transbots MX-I Apollyon (MP10 Scale Megatron) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
XTransbots MM-VIII Arkose (Beachcomber) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Xtransbots Master Mini Series MM-VI Boost (Windcharger) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Xtransbots Master Mini Series MM-VII Hatch (Tailgate) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3)
Xtransbots Master Mini Series MM-IX Klaatu (Cosmos)
Mastermind Creations Perfection Series PS-01A Sphinx Alternative Ocular Max (Mirage) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Mastermind Creations Perfection Series PS-02 Liger Ocular Max (Diaclone Liger) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
Mastermind Creations Perfection Series PS-01S Sphinx Stealth (Limited Edition 500) (cloaking Mirage) Ocular Max (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4) (Vendor5) (Vendor6) (Vendor7)
MakeToys MTRM-09 Downbeat (Jazz)

Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore (Gobots CyKill) (Vendor) (Vendor2) (Vendor3) (Vendor4)
DX9 D03C Cocomone (Gobots Crasher) (Vendor) (Vendor2)
XTransbots MM-V Sonic (Gobots Turbo) (Vendor)

MIA (Missing In Action! This section I admit is also an opinion section. I am listing key character I feel I really want that have not gotten an acceptable (if any) MP or 3P MP offering.
My main interest is pre-86 movie, so you aren't likely to see me list movie character and most after... In no particular order...)

Triple Changers
Combiners not Constructicons (Sure, there have been some nice 3P ones, but I don't feel they are quite MP level)
Headmasters (especially Scorponok)(except Weirdwolf who is done)



My collection October 2014

My collection January 2011

"Number" "Name/Description" "Sealed" "Opened" "Mine Sealed" "Mine Open" "Hasbro Image" "Artist Image"
01. Smokescreen (Subaru Impreza WRC 2003) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
02. Sideswipe (Dodge Viper SRT-10) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
03. Autobot Hound (Jeep Wrangler Sport) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
04. Silverstreak (Subaru Impreza WRX) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
05. Dead End (Dodge Viper Competition Coupe) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
06. Autobot Tracks (Chevrolet Corvette Z06)Meister (Mazda RX-8) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
07. Meister (Mazda RX-8) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
08. Swindle (Jeep Wrangler TJ Custom) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
09. Grimlock (Ford Mustang GT) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
10. Battle Ravage (Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
11. Windcharger (Honda S2000) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
12. Shockblast (Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed Version II) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
13. Wheeljack (2005 Ford Mustang Street Tuning) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
14. Decepticharge (Mugen Honda S2000) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
15. Swerve (Chevrolet Corvette Z06) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
16. Prowl (Acura RSX) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
17. Autobot Skids (Scion xB) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
18. Sunstreaker (Dodge Viper Competition Coupe) Sealed Binaltech (Hasbro) (Artist image)
19. Rollbar (Jeep Wrangler TJ Custom) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
20. Ricochet (Subaru Impreza WRX) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
21. Optimus Prime (Dodge Ram SRT-10) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
22. Mirage (Ford GT) Sealed Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
23. Autobot Camshaft (Acura RSX) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
24. Nemesis Prime (Dodge Ram SRT-10, Hasbro Toy Shop/SDCC) Open (Hasbro) (Artist image)
25. Decepticon Rumble (Honda Civic Si, Wal-Mart exclusive) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
26. Ravage (Jaguar XK, Wal-Mart exclusive)

(Hasbro) (Artist image)
27. Rodimus (Ford GT, Hasbro Toy Shop/SDCC) Sealed (Hasbro) (Artist image)
Takara Japanese Binaltech
"Number" "Name/Description" "Sealed" "Opened" "Mine Sealed" "Mine Open" "Takara Image"
BT08 Meister (Mazda RX-8)(Velocity Red Mica)
BT19 Bluestreak - Subaru Impreza WRX (Blue)
BT20 Argent Meister - Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed Version II (Silver)
BT21 Arcee - Honda S2000
Takara Japanese Binaltech Asterisk (Kiss Players)
"Number" "Name/Description" "Sealed" "Opened" "Mine Sealed" "Mine Open" "Takara Image"
BTA-1 Alert / Ai Kuruma - Subaru Impreza WRX Police & Policewoman
BTA-2 Sunstreaker / Junko Shirakami - Dodge Viper GTS & Race Queen Binaltech
BTA-3 Broadblast /Lumina Hoshi - Toyota bB TV Vehicle & News Reporter Binaltech
Takara Japanese Alternity
"Number" "Name/Description" "Sealed" "Opened" "Mine Sealed" "Mine Open" "Takara Image"
A-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime)(Nissan GT-R)(Vibrant Red)
A-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime)(Nissan GT-R)(Ultimate Silver)
A-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime)(Nissan GT-R)(Super Black)
A-01 Ultra Magnus (Nissan GT-R)(Brilliant Pearl White)
A-02 Megatron (Nissan 370Z)(Blade Silver)
A-02 Megatron (Nissan 370Z)(Le Mans Blue)
A-02 Megatron (Nissan 370Z)(Diamond Black)
A-03 Bumblebee (Suzuki Swift Sport)(Champion Yellow) Bumblebee
A-03 Cliffjumper (Suzuki Swift Sport)(Pearl Red) Cliffjumper
A-04 Starscream (Mitsuoka Orochi)(Pearl White)
A-04 Skywarp (Mitsuoka Orochi)(Purple Pearl)
A-04 Thundercracker (Mitsuoka Orochi)(Blue)
Customs and Chinese KnockOffs/Creations
"Number" "Name/Description" "Sealed" "Opened" "Mine Sealed" "Mine Open" "Image"
----- Inferno (Custom from Binaltech Optimus and Reprolabels) Inferno 1 Inferno 2 Inferno 3
----- Ironhide (Red Hummer H3) Ironhide
----- Trailbreaker (Black Hummer H3) Trailbreaker
----- Grapple (Yellow Hummer H3) Grapple
----- Prowl (Chinese Police Car) Prowl