"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Profile: If he had been on Earth, he would be a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist and a warrior. But on Cybertron there is no difference between these professions. So Optimus uses his skills to heal and repair - which are the same things to Autobots - to improve the world around him and, if necessary, to fight. Both in power and intelligence, he has no equal. He has the personality of an Abraham Lincoln. He can be immensely kind and his compassion extends to all that lives, including the creatures of Earth. Yet he will battle unceasingly to protect the weak and defend what he believes in. To accomplish this, Optimus knows that the Decepticons must be defeated for all time.

Abilities: In robot mode, Optimus Prime actually splits into three components. The Optimus module is the robotic sentient being that is the storehouse of his vast knowledge and strength. He can lift 4000,000 lbs. and a blow from his fist exerts a force of 12,000 lbs. per sq. inch. He carries a laser rifle and can burn a hole in the nosecone of a Decepticon jet fighter at a distance of 30 miles, aided by his outstanding visual acuity. His Prime module, also known as Roller, is a small cart-shaped device that he uses to unobtrusively slip behind enemy lines. He can maintain radio control over it at distances up to 1200 miles. Having Roller present somewhere is like being there himself. He can operate by remote-control his Combat Deck module up to a distance of 1500 feet. The Auto-Launcher mounted on the Deck can use a variety of artillery and radiation beam weapons, including most of those used by his fellow Autobots. The Launcher also includes a highly dexterous grapple-arm which allows it to load itself and change its weaponry. The communications disk antenna mounted on the launcher provides a link between Optimus and all his fellow Autobots within a radius of 50 miles. It can be adapted to a satellite hook-up that increases its effective range 10-fold.

Weaknesses: Although Optimus Prime can function as three independent modules, injury to any one of the modules is felt by the other two. Roller is particularly vulnerable, especially in the behind-the-lines situations in which he specializes. However, the Optimus module is by far the most important component of the trio. Although he could survive without the other two, they could not survive without him. Otherwise, the only weakness he could be accused of having is being too compassionate and concerned about the safety of others. He would be a more effective military commander if he were more ruthless, but then he wouldn't be Optimus Prime.






Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of all Autobots. Feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime... the brain center known as the Commander; 2) Roller, the Autobot scout car... a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) Autobot Headquarters... the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.


** Below are the pictures of my two original Optimus Prime's.  Both are pretty worn, but hey its Optimus.  The first one I got in a trade with a kid at school.  I hate to say it, but it was the worst trade I ever made.  Unfortunately, I agreed to make the trade before I saw the Transformers.  I traded almost all of the Decepticon Cassettes, for Optimus and half of the Aerialbots.  I didn't know that what I was getting was pretty worn, while the cassettes I had were all almost mint, and also harder to get.  Oh well, I at least got Optimus, which was pretty cool.

The second Optimus I got was from a eBay auction.  It was in about the same shape as my first one.  Oh well.

A new and great addition is my unopened Japanese issue of Optimus.  I had it shipped from Japan.  I have a hard time now because a small part of me would like to open him and have a mint one on display, but then I hate to open him with the existing two I already own.  I will hold off as long as possible.

Finally, I have my 20th anniversary Optimus Prime.  He is awesome.  I just hate the short Smokestacks.  Talk about complicated, everything about his is or was complicated, from transforming him, to just getting him out of the package originally.  I just find it unfortunate that they probably won't make a comparable Megatron to go with him, with Megatron being a realistic looking gun.**