More coming soon.  This page may take a while, just because there is so much to cover, and I haven't quite pinned down the direction and format to go with it.  Thanks for your patience.

The Series

Below you will find a couple of sound files that I found while surfing the web a while back, and thought they were really cool. I do not remember where I got them. It may have been from one or even multiple sites. Anyway, I do not take credit for them, but thought I would share them, being they are great. If someone can rightfully take credit, and would like me to give them that credit, please let me know and I will. Thanks

1984 Opening

1984 Ending

1985 Opening

1985 Ending

Another Opening

Generation 2





The Movie

Same as above, but for the movie.




You may already be aware, but my website doesn't work well for dialup.  That is especially true for the next file, which is a 40mb mpg.  It is the music video of Optimus versus Megatron from the movie.

Prime/Megatron Battle