This is my game collection page. Yes, I guess I am really that anal and nerdy. Actually, this is something I am starting while bored at my new job. Also, I thought it would be good to point my wife to it for shopping during the holidays, so she knows what I have. Also, this will probably be a work in progress too, since most of my old consoles and games are buried away in closets. And I have had most every console from the Atari/Intellivision days to current. Thanks


Click on the links below to access my games per each console:

Video of all my game systems setup and running

My Completion List

Release Calendar

Favorite series I follow

My Wanted List

The 360 to PS3 Trade Up


Amiibo / Disney Infinity

PS4 / PS3


Xbox One / 360

Playstation 2




Nintendo 64

Genesis/Sega CD/32X


Atari 2600/7800/Jaguar



Handheld Systems


Nintendo 3DS/DS

Sony Vita/PSP

Gameboy games(all versions)