Cobra Terror Drome Firebat Pilot

Code Name: A.V.A.C.

Piloting a Firebat is somewhat akin to strapping yourself onto a cannonball. The cockpit is cramped by any standard and utterly lacking in even the kindest amenities. No engine status display, not weather instruments, no navigation aids, and no ejection seat. Just the basic flight panel, throttle, pedals, and stick. But after the initial high-G's of vertical takeoff, the Firebat levels out to being the fastest, most responsive single-seat fighter in the Cobra arsenal.

"A.V.A.C. pilots are drawn from the Air Viper pool. They must be capable of complex mental calculations to make up for lack of on-board computers and absolutely fearless to cope with the Firebat's basic unforgiving nature. The aircraft is not what you would call user-friendly. Surprisingly, there is no lack of recruits for the program. All the best fighter-jocks want a ride on the 'Pocket Rocket'."



My Personal Notes: A.V.A.C. has always been one the Joe holy grails, along the lines of others such as Keel Haul, because he was a cool vehicle driver that came with a huge expensive vehicle (in this case, the Cobra Terror Drome) that I knew I was never going to be able to afford or get as a kid.  Well here in 2012, I found a great deal on the Drome, and got a mangled A.V.A.C. along with it.  As of the time of creating this page, I am still waiting on it getting shipped to me.  The photos I have show him separated with a broken hook.  I will replace that and the band once I get him.  I am hoping his front crotch isn't broken.  It appears he is also missing his parachute, but I might be lucky and get it when I do get my Drome in the next few days and verify this.  See pics below.