Code Name: BUZZER

File Name: Dick Blinken (Richard Blinken-Smythe)
Place of Birth: Cambridge, England

Buzzer was an extreme left-wing Cambridge sociology don who went to Australia to research the biker gang phenomenon only to be transformed into the very object of his research. Years of intellectual displeasure and extreme indignation at society's two-faced morality manifested into the intense desire to chainsaw apart the expensive geegaws of technological society.

Specialty and M.O.*: A scavenger of the swamps, Buzzer can cut through steel, wrought iron and any metal (except armor plate) with his diamond-toothed chain saw.

*Modus Operandi

My Personal Notes: Buzzer was one of the cool Dreadnoks from my childhood.  To me there were only 4 Dreadnoks not counting Zartan and his brother and sister.  Buzzer is one of those 4 along with Ripper, Torch and Monkeywrench.  I don't consider any that they released afterwards to really count.  With the way the cartoon was, as well as just normal logic it makes sense.  An army of Dreadnoks is just stupid.  Anyway, getting back to Buzzer, I have kept him complete with his chainsaw, backpack/gas can and silver axe/mace.