Master of Mind Control


Dr. Mindbender was at one time an excellent orthodontist and a very kind and honest man. Tinkering with electric brainwave stimulation as a means of relieving dental pain, the good doctor made the tragic mistake of experimenting on himself. He underwent a complete personality change and became hateful, deceitful, and vain!

Dr. Mindbender abandoned his practice and devoted all his time to perfecting his digital brain-scrambling into a hand-portable weapon system capable od reducing the most strong-willed individual into a cowering wimp.

"Dr. Mindbender doesn't think he's deluded - he feels he used to be. Now that he has seen the light, or the dark if you will, he feels it is his personal mission to bring the miracle of thought control to each and every one of you!"



My Personal Notes: Really liked Dr Mindbender as a kid, mostly because one of the first Joe comics I read was when he was working to create Serpentor.  I thought that was really cool, and I then had to go back and find the back issues.  Anyway, he was the cool standby guy that I always had as my right-hand mad scientist for whomever was leading Cobra at my playtime.  I have kept him complete with his handgun, a silver prod, a black power generator, a black cape (with a painted silver Cobra logo), and a black hose.