Cobra Hydrofoil Pilot


File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Hydrofoil Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: COBRA Frogmen (EELS)
Birthplace: Various Countries
Grade: 03 or equivalent

Lampreys are the elite of the COBRA sea-arm. To qualify for Lamprey training, a candidate must be a COBRA Trooper in top physical condition who has completed his EEL training (EEL's are the Frogmen underwater demolition specialist of the COBRA legion) and has been operational as an EEL for more than a year. The training is highly selective and more than 50% of the applicants wash out before completing the course.

My Personal Notes: Lamprey was awesome to me as a kid, mostly just because he came with the Cobra Hydrofoil, which was ultimately the largest Joe vehicle I had ever bought with my own money, plus if you haven't figured it out yet, I loved the aquatic/boat vehicles, and this was the king to me at the time (I got the hovercraft later from my cousin, and was never able to get the U.S.S. Flagg, which was at the end of my Joe run anyway).  He's gotten a few nics/scraps over the years, but is in pretty great condition overall and I have kept him complete with his rifle.  The Hydrofoil I have managed to keep in really good condition as well, and I will try to make a page for it too soon.