File Name: Bill Winkie
Place of Birth: Rhyl, North Wales

Monkeywrench was born in Rhyl, North Wales, where he built explosive devices indiscriminately for a group of obscure terrorists. Having made himself a pariah in his hometown by the age of sixteen, drifted to London's East End to take part in a "new wave" movement, where he developed rudeness and crude anti-social behavior to levels unheard of in the western hemisphere. Eventually, his wanderings brought him to Australia where he joined up with the Dreadnoks.

"Monkeywrench was born on Guy Fawkes Day, which in Britain commemorates the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the houses of parliament. The villain, Guy Fawkes, is hanged in effigy amidst the continuous detonation of fireworks. Could the explain Monkeywrench's preoccupation with explosives and loud noises? He record collection is limited to "The 1812 Overture", "The Anvil Chorus", and "Wipeout".

My Personal Notes: Monkeywrench was one of the cool Dreadnoks from my childhood.  To me there were only 4 Dreadnoks not counting Zartan and his brother and sister.  Monkeywrench is one of those 4 along with Buzzer, Ripper and Torch, even if he wasn't one of the first 3, I thought it would make sense he might be a guy they would befriend and bring in later.  I don't consider any that they released afterwards to really count.  With the way the cartoon was, as well as just normal logic it makes sense.  An army of Dreadnoks is just stupid.  Anyway, getting back to Monkeywrench, I have kept him complete with his harpoon gun.