Code Name: RIPPER

File Name: Harry Nod
Place of Birth: Grim Cape, Tasmania

There are devils in Tasmania and Ripper is probably the meanest of them all. Was expelled from nursery school for extorting candy from his schoolmates and spent most of his adult life in various correctional institutions. He is a professional criminal motivated by greed and a malignant dislike for the niceties of civilization - except for motorcycles.

Specialty and M.O.*: Edged weapons and cutting tools. Is known throughout the swamps for using his blade like a cross between a fireman's axe and a can opener to unlock gates and crack safes.

*Modus Operandi

My Personal Notes: Ripper was one of the cool Dreadnoks from my childhood.  To me there were only 4 Dreadnoks not counting Zartan and his brother and sister.  Buzzer is one of those 4 along with Buzzer, Torch and Monkeywrench.  I don't consider any that they released afterwards to really count.  With the way the cartoon was, as well as just normal logic it makes sense.  An army of Dreadnoks is just stupid.  Anyway, getting back to Ripper, I have kept him complete with his jackhammer, backpack, hose and rifle.