Code Name: TORCH

File Name: Tom Winken
Place of Birth: Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Subject was remanded to Borstal* at age fourteen. Escaped and went to sea in the Merchant Marine where he learned the use of the cutting torch.

Torch is an illiterate unrepentant thug whose penchant for sudden and unexpected violence is matched only be the utter depth of his stupidity.

Specialty and M.O.**: Works with Oxy-Acetylene torch as a general cutter mostly on remodeling stolen cars and occasional safe crackings. Scavenges the swamps for fun and profit.

*Reform school
**Modus Operandi

My Personal Notes: Torch was one of the cool Dreadnoks from my childhood.  To me there were only 4 Dreadnoks not counting Zartan and his brother and sister.  Torch is one of those 4 along with Buzzer, Ripper and Monkeywrench.  I don't consider any that they released afterwards to really count.  With the way the cartoon was, as well as just normal logic it makes sense.  An army of Dreadnoks is just stupid.  Anyway, getting back to Torch, I have kept him complete with his silver acetlyne torch and backpack.