Cobra Rattler Pilot


File Name: Classified
Primary Military Specialty: Ground support pilot
Birthplace: Classified

Wild Weasel cut his teeth in the bus wars of South America and Africa during the last decade. His knowledge of close support aircraft ranges from jury-rigged civilian conversions to ultra state-of-the-art flying weapons platforms. A mouth injury inflicted during a strafing run is rumored to be the cause of the characteristic sibilance in his speech pattern.

Wild Bill says: "He may be a back-shootin', low down snake in the grass, but the boy can fly like nobody's business. You gotta respect the skunk for that! Hey - what did Voltaire say? To forgive our enemies their virtues - that is the greater miracle."

My Personal Notes: Wild Weasel was a cool Cobra I got early in my army building as a kid.  I really loved getting him and the Rattler and thought he was cool since he was one of the largest combos I was able to buy on my own as a kid (Got him and the Rattler after the Water Moccasin, so the feeling continued).  The Rattlers (got a second from my cousin sans Wild Weasel as a kid) hasn't fared so well through the years of storage and travel, but Wild Weasel is still in pretty good shape.