Crimson Guard Commanders

Code Name: TOMAX and XAMOT

File Name: Classified
Specialty: Infiltration, espionage, sabotage, propaganda and corporate law.
Place of Birth: Island in the Mediterranean.

Spell out the name TOMAX in capitals and hold it up to a mirror. It reads XAMOT. The same holds true for the actual brothers. Each is the mirror image of the other except for a scar on Xamot's face. Both twins served with the Foreign Legion Paras in Algeria before the officers Putsch. They honed their mercenary skills in the bush wars of Africa and South America. They were too smart to be soldiers forever. Went to Zurich and became bankers.

They quickly found the ins and outs of international finance to be too haphazard for their tastes. They preferred a situation they could control. COBRA was willing to give them access to that control. Now they command legions. But their legions wear three-piece suits and fight their battles in executive board rooms. These then are the most fearsome of the COBRA adversaries. They don't fight with steel and claw, backed with muscle and honest sweat... They chase you with paper, wound you with your own laws and kill you with the money you loaned them.



My Personal Notes: I always found these guys crazy.  As a kid, I thought they really looked cool, and had a cool position being the head of the Crimson Guard.  But I have to admit, that even as a kid, I thought it was a little too over the top how they acted with each other.  So I really liked them, but at the same time cringed.  Mine are complete with their rifles and with the swing, though the string is looking a bit messed up with all the play it got.  I have had and have enjoyed this guy since childhood.