Zartan's Brother

Code Name: ZANDAR

Zandar is a master of camouflage and covert movement. In other words, he's good at hiding and sneaking up on people. Needless to say, he doesn't sneak up on people to do them any good. Zandar is an expert with silent weapons and is capable of remaining motionless for long periods of time. Like his brother Zartan, he has the ability to change skin color.

"Zandar was the kid who never got noticed. Teachers forgot he was there and never called on him. Nobody that has ever met him can remember what his voice sounds like. His anonymity was no accident. He worked at it all through his formative years and after he grew up... he got even better at it!"

My Personal Notes: Zartan was so cool as a kid that I also had to get Zandar and Zarana, his brother and sister.  They weren't as cool, but I liked them a lot none the less.  I find humor in their sort of florescent pastel colors, which was kind of the cool, rebellious theme of the '80s.  He is complete with his rifle and back pack.