Helicopter Assault Trooper


File Name: Talltree, Franklin E.
SN: RA030446233
Primary Military Specialty: Airborne Infantryman
Secondary Military Specialty: Helicopter Gunship Gunner
Birthplace: Navaho Reservation, Arizona
Grade: E-5 (Sergeant)

Airborne's parents are oil-rich Navahos who indulged their eldest son with sky-diving lessons. Talltree also studied law and passed the Arizona State Bar exams. Joined the army and opted for airborne training, commenting: "I'd rather jump out of airplanes than write legal briefs." Graduated top of class from Airborne School, Fort Benning. Qualified Expert: Hughes Helicopter Chain Gun, M-16, M-60 and M-2922A auto pistol.

Airborne jokes around and gets loose, but he's serious too... dead serious. You look at him and sometimes he's looking right through you. Must be the Indian in him. The Navahos call it "the far-seeing look." Spooky!



My Personal Notes: Airborne is a Joe from my collection that I have had since my childhood.  I have managed to complete over the years with all of his weapons/accessories.