Desert Trooper

Code Name: DUSTY

File Name: Tadur, Ronald W.
SN: 371-11-4605
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance
Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada
Grade: E-4

Dusty loves the desert. Is is clean, pure and unforgiving. Unlike Vegas which is always willing to give you a second chance. Dusty was working as a refrigerator repairman and studying desert ecology at night when his pre-enlistment application for the G.I.Joe Team was approved. He took Basic at Fort Bliss, TX and loved every minute of it.

Qualified expert: M-16, M-14, M-1911A1, M-60.

"It's not enough nowadays to have a rapid-reaction force responsive instantaneously to explosive situations in far flung corners of the globe. That force must be capable of surviving in a diverse array of hostile environments to accomplish its objectives. If that means having con expert for every type of environment on every team to take on survival responsibilities on that terrain, then so be it."


My Personal Notes: Dusty has been a missing hole in my collection. Always thought he was a cool Joe from the cartoon that I was missing.  He is a 2012 eBay acquisition.