Laser Trooper

Code Name: SCI-FI

File Name: Fine, Seymour P.
SN: RA 793-29-1929
Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Electronics
Birthplace: Geraldine, Montana
Grade: E-4

Sci-Fi lives in a slow-motion world. He takes everything real easy, and he's never in a hurry to get anywhere or do anything. But that's what it takes to be a laser-rifleman. At a range of 2 1/2 miles, the impact spot of laser light will jump one hundred feet for every one thousandth of an inch movement at the source. That spot has got be be held on target long enough to burn through that source, otherwise it's no more harmful that a warm breeze.

"When Sci-Fi braces his weapon and sights in on a target, he becomes a rock-- no discernible movement of any kind. Birds perch on top of his helmet. He transcends mere stillness to another plane of immobility. You don't even see the trigger finger move. It's like he wills that beam of light to stab the darkness..."



My Personal Notes: Not much I can say about Sci-Fi.  This was at the end of my G.I.Joe run as a kid (1986), and he mostly sat under my radar.  By that point, I felt I had a lot of Joes, and mostly worked to pickup the new Cobras to even things out more. He is a 2012 eBay acquisition.