X-30 Pilot


File Name: Boyajian, Gregory B.
SN: RA 463-42-4892
Primary Military Specialty: Fighter Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Computer Technology
Birthplace: Provo, Utah
Grade: O-2 (1st Lt.)

Slip Stream was a video-game whiz and computer hacker until he discovered flying. He joined the Jr. Civil Air Patrol while a teenager and eventually got his Air Force commission through the R.O.T.C. He finished at the top of his class in flight school where his knowledge of computers and his lightning reflexes gave him a keen competitive edge. He speaks Armenian, Greek and French, plays a mean game of table tennis, and is known in the "Pit" as an unrepentent joker and mimic.

"An aircraft with computer assisted control surfaces can do things that are impossible for a conventional plane. (Flat turns without banking, flight axis shift and horizontal rolls.) The controls are incredibly sensitive, the slightest tremor being translated into drastic movement. It takes a light touch to fly a ship like that and Slip Stream has the touch, the eye, the brain and the guts to make that aircraft do exactly what he wants."



My Personal Notes: Not much to say about Slip-Stream.  I never really thought much about him, and he was relatively unreachable paired with his out of my price range Conquest X-30. Finally got him.  He is a 2012 eBay acquisition.