Arctic Trooper

Code Name: SNOW JOB

File Name: Moore, Harlan W.
SN: RA773658456
Primary Military Specialty: Arctic Ski Patrol
Secondary Military Specialty: Rifle Instructor
Birthplace: Rutland, Vermont
Grade: E-6 (Sergeant)

Snow Job was a major Olympic Biathlon contender. He enlisted initially for the special training and support privileges that the Army gives to Olympic champions. However, to the consternation of Arm PR flacks, Snow Job volunteered and was accepted into the GI Joe team. Qualified Expert: all NATO long-range sniper rifles, XMLR-3A laser rifle.

Submitted by Rock 'n Roll: "You think we call him Snow Job because he does his job on skis? Negative. He's a con artist, pure and simple, except when he picks up his rifle - sure as heck, something's gonna fall down!"



My Personal Notes: Snow Job was a guy I had as a kid, that I mostly thought he was really cool because of the snow skiing part of him.  To me, living all of my life in Houston, Texas at the time, I had never had any contact with snow, other than seeing it on TV.  I thought it was the coolest, and really enjoyed using my imagination imaging Snow Job fighting in the snow.  Anyway, I kept him complete over the years.  Unfortunately, like most other white plastic toys made in the '80s, he has significantly yellowed over the years.  He does have his backpack, both of his skies, both of his ski poles, his laser rifle and file card.