Helicoptor Pilot

Code Name: WILD BILL

File Name: Hardy, William S.
SN: RA056403211
Primary Military Specialty: Helicopter Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Fixed Wing Pilot, Armorer
Birthplace: Brady, Texas
Grade: CW-4 (Chief Warrant Officer)

Hardy served as combat infantryman and participated in LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) operations during Southeast Asian debacle. Reenlisted for Flight Warrant Officer School and has since remained in service. Specialized Training: CLASSIFIED. Qualified Expert: M1911A auto pistol (prefers single action .45 Colt revolvers), XM-16 attack rifle.

Amiable and slow talking. Fancies himself a country-western singer. Totally honest in personal dealings, but not beyond spinning a tall tale for the amusement of comrades.



My Personal Notes: Wild Bill was also an acquisition from my cousin, and to be honest, was probably one of the ones I was most happy to receive.  I always thought he was really cool and really loved the Dragonfly.  It was missing a number of parts, but I didn't care.  I was really happy to get it all.  Wild Bill himself didn't have any accessories, but is complete with his file card.