News and Updates




Minor site updates with IDW books, etc.  I added Grimm Fairy Tales page to my books I collect.  While it is fairly complete, lots of work to do labeling and marking collection.  Moved some of the old news over.



I got a great Licensing Kit for Gobots, and added it to the GoBots page, as well as the Wendys Kids Meal Gobots.  Really cool.



Added the Dreamwave page to the comics section.



I had website hosting problems, but they all seem to be fixed now.  I don't think I get a ton of traffic anyway, but for any that does come through with any regularity, sorry.  I don't forsee having this problem again.  Since I was sitting around working on this, I got going, and decided to do some significant work on the Gobots page.  Many great YouTube video clips were added, as well as updating names, of those I collected, etc.



I wasn't feeling that well today when I got up, and found myself sitting on the couch with my laptop with nothing to look at (I did a good bit of web surfing this week while on jury duty.).  Anyway, I thought it a good idea to give some love to my much neglected site.  Starting out, I thought I should go ahead and put the pictures up, as I have been intending to, of most of my Gobots, on my Gobots page.  I did that and gave a few minutes to replace the IDW "Generations" link here on the home page with the "Best of the UK", since it seems to have replaced it.  I also did a little more updating of the books on the IDW page for "The Best of the UK", and "Devestation".  For the heck of it, added my GameSpot card down with my Xbox gamer card.



I had a few minutes and thought I would update the IDW pages and links that I have been neglecting the last few months.



While these guys are a little out of context on some of what they write, I found this article on "The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever" humorous in some ways and thought I would share.



I was lucky enough to get to go see the movie pre-screening last night.  I could say a lot of pros and cons about it, but all and all, I thought it was pretty good.  That is actually a big compliment from me since I went in with very low expectations, and am die-hard Generation 1, which was definitely not what this movie was about.  Anyway, it had a lot of action, and a fairly decent storyline.  The Transformations were sort of cool, but went a little too fast, and the Transformers turned into big giant metal balls it seemed at times, which made them hard to decipher.  There were a lot of really cool moments during some of the transformations though, and I appreciated the homage to some of the old cartoons with the dialogue they used in some of battle scenes, etc.  All and all, it was good, just not my "Ultimate Transformer" movie.




Finished adding Tech Spec images to the rest of the Decepticons on the "My Collection" page.  All of the Transformers in that section have them now.



Created webpage browser icons, and put it on most of the main pages to the site.  Its pretty much the same on all pages so far, with the noticeable exception to the Gobots page.  I also did some other various maintenance task that I thought would improve my site, like creating a page for the "Other Releases" link (I have found some good deals on Alternators, etc lately), and updating the links to the Latest IDW Comics here on the home page, so they go to the appropriate locations within the IDW comics page.



While I know I have a lot of work to do with my Transformers pages and all, especially in the "My Collection" area, I have had in my head lately I wanted to do a little homage and make a page for the old GoBots line, that used to be the rivals of Transformers.  So I started a page, and plan to update it as I can.  I do have sentimental reasons for doing this as well, and if you want to get the explanation, please check out the page I started.  Gobots



Created pages for Omega Supreme and the Protectobots, Defensor, Groove, and Hot Spot and added them to the "My Collection" page.  Also updated the Decepticon Headmasters pages to include tech spec images.



Created pages and added Mirage and Wheeljack my latest acquisitions, to the "My Collection" page.



Finally decided to add "My Collection" pages for the Omnibots (Camshaft, Downshift, and Overdrive).  I have wanted to do this for a while, since they are a favorite part of my collection, but never did since I didn't have good box art (they had no boxes).  Anyway, I took the plunge and made the pages using the art that was in the mail away flyer.  I also continued my work on the existing pages of the Decepticons, and added numerous tech specs, most notably for the cassettes and Combaticons.  Another important thing is I fixed my formatting problems on the latest IDW books section here on the home page



Woke up today, with Transformers on the mind for some reason, and decided it was really time to go back and do some updating, and finishing up of some of the profiles in "My Collection".  So I did some updating of information, and adding tech spec images for all of the Autobots and also for Galvatron, Megatron, Reflector, Shockwave and Trypticon.



While I have done some small things that I haven't cataloged on here, I thought with the changes I made today, I should at least comment on it here, so if someone was to visit, they can see changes are still occurring, even if it is on a small scale.  In this instance, I went and updated the IDW and Tarot pages in my comics sections.  I hope to more involved and do bigger things again soon.  Been really busy the last 6 months or so.



While working on my site a couple of weeks ago, I realized I really should try to make room in my case.  The easiest way to do that, is to complete some of my combiners that aren't finished.  With that being the case, I decided to start with finishing Piranacon.  Got on eBay, and found a decent deal on Tentakil.  Got him in a couple of days ago, and created a page for him in my collection area.  Better pictures coming soon.



Had a few minutes to work on my neglected site.  I started my page on the comics, including putting a latest issue section on the home page.  I also updated my news and home pages, as well as my personal descriptions for Megatron, Reflector, Runabout, Bruticus, Onslaught, Seawing, Skalor, Snaptrap, Piranacon and Glyph.



Ok, ok....First off, I admit, I am guilty of really going MIA when it comes to updating my site the last couple of months.  In my defense, I haven't really had a chance to add much to the collection, and haven't really had much time to work on existing content due to wife, holidays, gym, City of Heroes, Xbox 360, etc......  I will try to get back to it and get this site where it should be.  Anyway, on to my new item...

Another major acquisition to my collection this week.  Got the Japanese reissue of the Pepsi Optimus Prime.  I will get a page up for him in the "My collection" section hopefully today, but if not, in the next couple.  Check this guy out.  The new trailer is cool along with the new color scheme.  I have also bought a Japanese Pepsi Twist bottle to go with him, and should have it soon.  As a pat on my own back, I used my amateur photo editing skills to scan and edit the box art for him, being I couldn't find it on Botch's site, or any other.  Far from perfect, but good for me. 

As the box says: "Pepsi-powered Convoy rolls into action to quench the thirst of all sentient beings!"



Major acquisition to my collection today.  I am really excited about this one.  Got the Japanese reissue of Fortress Maximus "Brave Maximus", and the guy is awesome (and huge).  I will get a page up for him in the "My collection" section hopefully today, but if not, in the next couple.  Check this guy out.



Ok, I know this is not Transformers related, but I had a minute, thought about it, and felt it was something I should do.  I just got done listening to another TWIT podcast and realized I really needed to put links to Revision3 and TWIT on my site to help get the word out on the web to the two people in the world who don't already know about it. I used to be a huge fan of TechTV before the whole G4 fiasco, and especially enjoyed The Screen Savers. Well, those guys got away from that monster, and are putting out great stuff on these two sites among others. I still miss TechTV and some of the other shows like Tech Live, but not so much anymore.  At least G4 was smart enough to bring back Call for Help.


Continued updating my photos and descriptions in the "My Collection" area.  Today I have updated Reflector, Snapdragon, Thrust, Motormaster, Breakdown, Deadend, Dragstrip, Wildrider, Menasor and my (gulp)...fake Devastator.  I also started to change the page layout for pictures to one that I feel is cleaner and simpler.  I will have to go back and change the other pages later for consistency.


Continued updating my photos and descriptions in the "My Collection" area.  Today I have updated Battletrap, Flywheels, Apeface, Mindwipe, Skullcruncher, more Shockwave, Hound and Optimus Prime.



Time to get busy and start updating my photos and descriptions in the "My Collection" area.  Today I have updated Shockwave, Runabout, Blastoff and the rest of the Combaticons.



Added pages in my "My Collection" section for recent acquisitions of Reissue Hound and Reflector.  Pictures coming.  Small updates here and there on existing pages in the "My Collection" area.  No one else will notice, but cleaned up my site and better organized my pages and files.



I have been working sporadically on the site since my last update, just haven't shown those updates here.  A small list of these updates include:

  • Added pages in my personal section for recent acquisitions of Shockwave, Battletrap and Waverider.  Pictures coming.
  • Got a better and complete Flywheels, and working to get better pictures.  Also got what I believe to be better Headmasters Snapdragon and Skullcruncher.
  • Have done a lot of work on the Terrorcons for my Repro Project page.  Both the Terrorcons and the page are almost done.
  • Picked up a few parts, such as the Rocket Grenade Launcher to complete Sinnertwin, Blasters Electro-Scrambler Gun, Wreck-Gars Decelerator Laser Gun, and Pretender Finbacks robot to name a few.  More to come.
  • Hit the jackpot of Combiner tech specs when I got complete sets for Abominus, Bruticus, Computron, Devestator, Menasaur, and Superion.  Went ahead and competed my current Insecticons as well with Shrapnels tech spec and Kickbacks instruction sheet.  Wrapping up the deal was a full cardback for Aerialbot Slingshot, and instructions for Shockwave, Motormaster, and Scattershot.  This great group of purchases was done on ebay from Wheeljackslab.  This guy always has tons of stuff for those who do not know already.  Check out his website too, at .
  • I am also working on updating the trading block page to include more things I have to trade other collectors with.  Check back there soon.



Got the Cartoon Series link going with some audio files I downloaded a while back.  I have been working on my Repro Project page, but I am working on redoing the Terrorcons for it.  I expect to finish this week, and will get the first part of the page up then.  I also just acquired a Thrust for my collection, and will start setting up a page for him, for when he arrives.  On an unrelated to Transformers note, I put up pictures from the Kenny Chesney concert in Cleveland on Friday, August 5th up in the personal section.



Updated the personal section of Scorponok to show the addition of most of the accessories I was missing for Headmaster Scorponok.  Also did this for Technobot Afterburner and Battlecharger Runabout.  Included a page for Headmaster Mindwipe, the newest addition to my Headmaster collection.



Posted last weekends Canadian Niagara Falls trip in the Personal Pages section.

Began my new section, called "The Repro Project", that will showcase the cleanup and enhancement of several pieces of my collection.  Initial projects include the Stunticons (Menasaur), the Terrorcons (Abominus), and the Jumpstarters Twintwist and Topspin.  This involves thoroughly taking apart and cleaning and shining up each robot, removing old labels, and applying new ones from

I also began revamping and replanning the layout and menu of my website a little, to include other things, open links, and eliminate what I felt was some redundancy.  Let me know what you think.



On hiatus for about a month, but I am back.  Added Reissue 19 Perceptor, and Toys R Us Reissue Ricochet with Nightstick to my collection.  Also an incomplete Headmaster Skullcruncher, as well as most of the accessories I was missing for Headmaster Scorponok, Technobot Afterburner and Battlecharger Runabout.  Updated pages coming soon in the "My Collection" section.



Added Guzzle, Computron, Afterburner and Lightspeed to my collection page.  Also added some relevent links to my links page.

While this news is not exactly new anymore, I just found out IDW Publishing was awarded the rights by Hasbro to the new comic coming out with a special #0 issue in October, and a series of ongoing monthly mini-series starting in January of 2006.  The first is titled Transformers: Infiltration.

One other tidbit concerns the reissues still going on in Japan.  It has been rumored that reissue number 20 will feature Kup and Wheelie.  It is scheduled to be an August release.



Big picture updates today.  Added pictures for my collection for Trypticon, Runabout, Scorponok, Piranacon, Seawing, Skalor, Snaptrap, and Breakdown.  Also put up a page for Flywheels.



Added Trypticon to my collection page, though it is not complete.  Updated and added things on the Trading Block page.



Added pages for the Seacons Snaptrap, Seawing, Skalor and Piranacon in my collection section.  All still need pictures though.  Working on more behind the scenes editing to try to help my site come up in search engines.



Added pages for Ransack and Runabout in my collection section.  Both still need pictures though.  Working on behind the scenes editing to start making my site come up in search engines.



Completing dead links.  I updated and added the Aerialbots (Superion), as well as the Jumpstarters Sky Dasher, Topspin and Twin Twist  I also reworked the layout of my collection page a little.



Updating and completing.  I updated and added new pics for my unopened Beachcomber and Gen 2 Seaspray.  I also added additional pics for Bluestreak, Hoist, Hot Rod, Inferno and Jazz.



Thought I would list that I did some updates to the site.  This included adding the Stunticons (Menasor), along with the Terrorcons (Abominus).  I also decided to activate the Links button, and put my first link up.  Finally, I also fixed some bad links on the Personal Pages.



It may be old news for some, but I have found that Toys R Us has put some of their G1 reissues on sale again. Some less than $10. Get them quick. Don't miss out like I did the last time they did this. I have to try and get my Rodimus Prime now!!!

I found that the newest re-issue from Japan will be number 19, and will be Perceptor. Can't wait to grab that one.