Below is the links to my checklist of some of my non-Transformer comics




Grimm Fairy Tales


Disclaimer: A while after creating this page with my list, it occurred to me that an impression might arise that I am a perv, getting books about TA, etc.  While I admit that is prevalent within the books, that is not my main intent when purchasing (though I would admit I am a man, and would be lying to say I do not appreciate it).  Keep in mind, these are not the only books I read.  It is that with my collector disease (lol), these are the only books I get that have had frequent variant covers, besides Transformers, and having list like this helps me in collecting, and taking a moment to appreciate my collection (that gets hard to do sometimes when they get boxed up after reading them). 

That is not really necessary in the other titles I get.  Another part of that is while I do still get some, I generally tend to get bored with the typical "superhero" books that I have been reading most of my life (most can only find so many different ways to regurgitate the same stories over and over), and really found books like these to be different and far more entertaining in general.  Finally, if you are a reader or have read any of these titles, you might note that all of the books have another thing in common.  That is religion, or "beliefs" if you will.  While I am not going to go into my personal ones here (I feel that is a private matter), I will admit that it is a subject I have a great interest in, and have enjoyed reading both fictional and what is generally considered non fictional material in regards to the subject.

Other misc series