Ok here is the thing, in my collecting there are times when I either pick up items I already have, maybe its part of a lot, or maybe I just get a chance to pick up one better than what I previously had. Either way, I thought it might be better to trade with others who need these items, for other items I still need. That is the purpose of this page. Profit has no part of this. I am in for the fun and collecting, not to make money. If I wanted to sell, I would just use eBay.

Have something you want to put up for trade, but not looking for what I have?  Send me a picture with a description, and I will gladly put it up for you on my site.  Please provide the contact information, because I will need to put that up with you pictures and description.  I am not a mediator though, only here to post.  No selling here, as I said, use eBay.  I reserve the right not to post anything I am not comfortable with, but I am here to help.






I have a Breakdown with moderate paint and sticker wear, his Concussion Rifle handgun, his Plasma-Energy Blaster (which is missing the connector, and 2 of his tech specs (1 pictured)


Scorponok Parts


While I haven't even gotten these parts yet, I just got this lot off of eBay, to get some parts that I need. So, the parts I don't need are up for trade. These include the two Fasttrack bots and the Mechanical Repair Arm. The Gun and Elevator Connector is not part of the trade.




Up for trade are two Skullgrin bodies (both missing their hands), one complete shell, and one female gun




Here are the items I currently have available for trade. Please contact me at dentedskillet@gmail.com to discuss. I am fairly flexible in trading. If you have something I don't, and it is comparable in value (say a weapon for a weapon), I will more than likely do it. I reserve the right to not accept any trade offer I don't want to accept, but I don't forsee that being an issue. I am trying to be open with this, have fun, and help both myself and my fellow transformer fans.


My Most Wanted:

Handgun for Dragstrip

Tech spec for Motormaster

Tech spec for Wildrider

Apeface Shield

Snapdragon gun and 1 rear wing

Skullgrin Belt and Vibro-sword

Flywheels Laser Cannon

Some various Scorponok parts (who isn't looking for those?)

Various other items I haven't listed (as I said, send pics and make offer)







I have my original Brawn with broken arms and chrome wear.  1 tech spec for him.




Two Gen 1 Seasprays.  One in near mint condition with tight joints, and no sticker wear.  The other is for parts, due to the feet being chewed up.  He is in great shape otherwise.